CAT-Crypto Advertising Token

Crypto Advertising token (CAT) has been created to be used in cryptocurrency advertising websites and other platforms in the field of digital currency and NFTs Promoting Systems. and are websites that currently using this token and by developing software and providing plugins for various CMS, including WordPress, we are trying to encourage other advertising websites to use this token.

We will also create a CAT-related wallet in Telegram through the Telegram bot so that Telegram channel and groups owners can use CAT for their advertising.

Buy Crypto Advertising Token

Please use DApp browser/extension (e.g. Metamask)

1 BNB = 1000 CAT


You get: 10 CAT

Before buying CAT, make sure that your BNB balance is sufficient.

In my wallet: CAT

After purchasing the token, Press "Add to Wallet" Button and add the CAT token to MetaMask or any other DAPP you use.


CAT Sale Contract

You can also buy tokens by sending BNB directly from your wallet to the CAT Sale contract

Rate: 1 BNB = 1000 CAT (~ 0.001 BNB/CAT)

(please increase gas limit to 200,000 or even more for tokens with special functions like autoLP, swaps, etc.)


CAT Referral program

Share your referral link and get paid instantly to your wallet for every referred token purchase.

Total paid to referrers: BNB

Referral commission: 15%

Your referral earnings: BNB

Share your referral link or QR code and get commission for referred token purchases instantly to your wallet.